Rince Cochon

Initially created more than 20 years ago, Rince Cochon was updated for modern tastes three years ago; since then, it has been at the front of the stage in the speciality beer category. Its unbeatable taste and incomparable look means that it attracts a very wide audience. It is an authentic speciality beer: blonde ale with 8.5% ABV, golden, mild and full-bodied, lightly spiced with a slightly bitter finish. It is currently enjoyed by the young and less young, in pubs or at home, and has become a symbol and an essential part of shared times and tastes. It should be drunk very cold and, whenever possible, in its glass with sculpted stem.

It became a real phenomenon in just a few months, and was soon being sold in various ‘formats’. It is now available in bars and specialized points of sale, as well as in supermarkets and on the Internet.

Boosted by its success, it has travelled to the United States, where it was met with true fervour. This young star of the bars has also begun a career in Europe, and we are certain that it will receive the same success as in France and the States.

The attractive Blonde ale has recently been joined by the Rince Cochon Red who, it seems, will follow down the same successful route as its partner. Enhanced with the juice of red fruits, it has retained the Rince Cochon strength of taste combined with the sweetness of the fruit. It has found its place beside the Rince Cochon Blonde as well as in the hearts of Rince Cochon fans. We can confirm without blushing that it is a true Rince Cochon with an additional, mad fruity streak. If you haven’t tasted it yet, then wait no longer…. We are sure you’ll love it.

For long-time fans, Difcom has created a Rince Cochon Red boxed set with three 33cl bottles, an attractively etched, cherry-red glass and Rince Cochon Red coaster. A great gift idea if you would like to introduce your friends to the latest member of the Rince Cochon family.